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Radio Regulations are


nternational Telecommunication Union
and other international agencies
in telecommunications are working for

to acquire State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) Decision and why SCRF adopts compliance requirements and sharing and compatibility methodologies

Russian Table of Frequency Allocations is required

the Plan for future radio spectrum use for civilian users is about

permission for frequency assignments should be acquired

We know how it links together, why it works this way
and how to automate it.


Our goal - to help you to save
                            your time and money 

We are carrying out research studies and consulting in the area of spectrum management on a national
and international levels.

We are developing software solutions to automate spectrum management and spectrum engineering processes for governmental agencies, MNOs and vendors. 

We are applying best practices
in national and international
spectrum management.

We are employing and engaging national and international dedicated experts and partners in the spectrum management industry.

Our experts and partners have many year of experience developing technical conditions for radiocommunications services
with ITU, CEPT and RCC, and know specifics of national spectrum usage legislation across different countries.  


Scientific and technical studies
on spectrum management 

Harmonization between national and international spectrum uses to enable
global ICT implementation.

Preparation of comprehensive recommendations on effective spectrum usage
to enable new ICT systems.

Developing complex solutions to deploy new ICT systems in different countries
taking into account international and national requirements for spectrum use.

Anti-corruption measures

LLC "Spectrum Management" company confirms that it follows policy of full intolerance to bribery and corruption assuming a total ban of any corruption actions and takes measures for prevention of corruption according to requirements of the current legislation in the sphere of prevention and fight against corruption.

Company  "Spectrum Management" guarantees that:

  • neither the Company, nor any persons acting in the name and on its behalf, personally or through intermediaries, will demand, offer, promise, transfer or agree to transfer of illegal remuneration to any persons in the form of money, securities, other property, rendering services of property character, providing property rights, for commission by the persons earning such illegal renumeration, any action or inaction in its interests;

  • neither the Company, nor any persons acting in the name and on its behalf, will carry out mediation in bribery or commercial bribery, that is to directly transfer bribes at the request of the briber or the bribetaker, or to otherwise promote the briber or the bribetaker in achievement or implementation of the agreement between them on receiving and bribery or commission of commercial bribery.

If any suspicions about the cases of corruption or fraud connected with commercial activity of the LLC «Speсtrum Management» сompany arise, please contact us at the email address:

We guarantee that all information you share with us will be held in the strictest confidence.


+7 (985) 228 7928
+7 (926) 278 9336

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